These are my dreams. My aspirations. Ones I strive for every day. My passions and hopes.

Oahu. It’s a place of immense beauty found not only in the mountain ranges and multitude of beaches, but in the people embracing a soulful, island culture. It’s these people I long to see embrace a Jesus that adores them. I long to see the island culture become one on mission for Christ. A culture that reflects love, joy, and community, through Jesus.

Diversity. Culture is a beautiful thing. To all be human, a like in nature, yet so vastly different in perspectives, experiences, traditions, values, and paradigms. Experiencing ones culture is to experience a part of who they are, where they come from, their story. Every culture is different, diverse. And yet we’re all human. I crave to see a diversity of cultures unified by a belief that each and every soul is loved immeasurably. That every soul, regardless of culture and story, has a purpose. A love and purpose that comes from a God that is far greater than I could ever wrap my head around.

Potential. You have potential. She has potential. He has potential. Potential that’s waiting to be unleashed, unboxed. Potential to move mountains, change hearts, and rescue souls. I so strongly desire to see you use the gifts that you, unique you, have been given. To move past the confines and walls of typical but thrive as the unconventional self God designed you to be.

Life is an undiscovered story, revealed moment by moment. It’s exciting. It’s intimidating at times. I write these thoughts to give you a glimpse into my heart because my life, and yours alike, is filled with unknowns and uncertainties. However, I know and am certain that these next years will be filled with pursuit of these passions and hopes. The fears, doubts, and questions, pale in the light of my desire to see these dreams come to fruition. I am confident in the fact that the things Jesus puts on your heart will be the things that push you outside of typical, outside of comfortable at times, and into a life of purpose and fruit.

Pursue passions that reflect the heart of Jesus. Show love. Be you.