Manoa Valley. Encapsulated by mountains is a community of great diversity, culture, and life.

To me, this valley is a haven of culture and aesthetic that emulates the heart of Jesus. Every morning I wake up to the view of the lush, green mountains. It’s a place of immense beauty that directly reflects the creative spirit of my God. When I walk up to the marketplace I’m met by people from different backgrounds and cultures than I and I can’t help but think that regardless of our ethnicity, we are similar in nature. We are similar because God looks at each of us and says “You are worth it”, we’re similar because the common denominator of our lives is that Christ died for both of us. I’ve realized that despite me being here to serve the students in YWAM, I am also here to serve the people of Manoa Valley. To show them the love of Jesus, to create an atmosphere of joy and relationship.

This isn’t just a place to live. Manoa Valley is a home, my home.