Yesterday was ALOHA DAY!

We started the day off in the “Tin”  – the building where we’ll have all of our classes and lectures. It was great to meet all the staff and learn more about my fellow YWAMers! Following the classic get-to-know-you games, we had our introduction to YWAM. It’s exciting to finally be here and be discussing what our next few months will look like!

After lunch, we headed out to the beach for a second day of fun in the sun 🙂 The water is actually quite a bit colder than I expected! We ended up playing the game “Signs” on the beach for over two hours! Supper was a BBQ at the park right beside the beach! We kept saying how unreal it is that we could be in Hawaii – it’s amazing!

Of course we had to stay to watch the sunset – Hawaii does not disappoint!