“Let’s go talk to that lady sitting over there”

Tuesday night. My friend and I were down in Waikiki with hopes of encouraging some people. We walked across the field towards a lady sitting against the back wall of a public washroom.

“Hey look, there’s an iPhone on the ground”

The lost iPhone had a text on it saying to call a number if found. We then called and arranged to meet the owner at a nearby Starbucks. We continued down the beach talking to some of the tourists and locals.

Finally, we met up with the very grateful owner. After talking for a few minutes she started to head off.

“Hey, before you go, could we pray for you?”

“Pray for me? You want to pray for me? Sure!” 

“Okay is there anything specific we can pray for?”

“Ya um, I lost…my baby…a month ago”

In an instant, this simple encounter of returning a lost iPhone turned into a powerful moment of showing this hurting lady the love of Jesus. As we prayed tears started streaming down her cheeks. She reached for a hug and then walked back into Starbucks, leaving us standing on the sidewalk in awe of what just happened.

I don’t know who that lady is. I don’t know what her story is. But I don’t have to, because God does. Nights like this remind me why I’m here, what God has called me to. I’m here to reach the broken, the hurting and the lost. I’m here to show them the love of a God that knows them and understands them.

I’ve been back in Honolulu for a week now. It’s a different journey than before, stepping into different territory of staffing. However, I’m learning that one thing will never change. God will constantly leave me in awe of how He pulls unlikely people together for His glory and honour. Moments like this are the moments that excite me, that push me forward, seeing the tangible effect of God’s devotion to each of our lives. He cares. Don’t ever forget that!