I am finally here in Hawaii!

After numerous flight delays, I made it to Vancouver. Unfortunately, just after security they pulled me out as they couldn’t find my luggage and wouldn’t let me into the States without it. Finally, they found it in Edmonton – lovely 🙂 20mins before my flight left I got to customs which I thought was going great, but then they took me into Extended Interrogation. The customs agent wasn’t believing a word I said as apparently this trip is a bit too unrealistic 🙂 Finally, 25 mins later (WestJet had held the plane for me), they let me through and I made it on my flight!

The people here are fantastic! There are people from Canada, US, Norway, England, Sweden, South Africa, Australia, Netherlands, Denmark, and France! So interesting to hear about their cultures and hear their languages.

We woke up, had breakfast, and headed out to hike to Manoa Falls! Beautiful! The trees are amazing here – and so great to climb!!!


After lunch, we decided to head out and go to the beach! We took the bus down to Ala Moana Beach and enjoyed the crystal clear water and super hot sun 🙂 We grabbed supper at the mall, which is very fun to do with people who aren’t used to American fast food. We ended up getting lost looking for our bus and wandering around Honolulu for the evening – always an adventure!

It’s been a fantastic day and I’m SO excited for the next 6 months with these wonderful people!!