Hey guys!

I’m at my second location, Butuan City. Leaving The House on Tuesday was hard. We built some great relationships with the staff and girls there. Monday night was an emotional night as they performed for us all the dances and skits we had taught them, sang songs they wrote for us, told us how we impacted them, gave us notes from each girl, and loved us like crazy! I’ll never forget that experience and the work God did and is doing in the House.

The staff here in Butuan are so much fun! They love playing games, joking around, and having a good time.

Our first full day here was Wednesday. They welcomed us by giving us a great tour of the city and serving a delicious meal! They set up thin tables covered in banana leaves with rows of rice piled down the centre, topped with shish kabobs of chicken leg, chicken feet, chicken liver, and pork. We stood around the tables and ate everything without hands. The feet and liver really aren’t as bad as I thought haha 🙂 Outreach definitely makes you eat interesting foods. On Thursday they honoured us with the Filipino delicacy, balut – duck fetus. It’s an 18 day old, hard boiled duck egg. You crack the bottom and drink the liquid, then peel the shell off and eat the egg! Fetus, feathers, and all! I honestly didn’t think I could do it but I also knew I would be very mad at myself if I had the opportunity to try it and didn’t. It actually wasn’t that bad looking back, but the thought and look is absolutely awful. Hey! When in the Philippines!

We’ve only been here a few days yet we’ve already experienced so much! We visited the local public hospital and got to pray with many of their patients. We also visited a nearby slum village. As soon as we walked down the road all the kids ran up to us and yelled “selfie selfie!”. They LOVE taking pictures with us! One family invited us into their home. It was an incredible honour to be in their house and get to hear about and pray for their family.

Friday we visited two Barangay offices. Barangays, from what I understand, are like city councillors. The first office we went to, the Barangay was in a meeting but we got to pray with his staff for the upcoming election. The second office we went to was that of the Barangay Captain. He’s a Christian and very well respected in the community. We got to bless him and the work he’s doing – God is so good!

In the afternoon we went to the local police department and put on a mini chapel service for some of the officers. We also got to go to a youth group and give testimonies and perform our dance and dramas. It’s been so much fun to go to the different places and meet new people! I’m loving it!

Can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring!