Hiya friends!

I’m currently sitting at a picnic table in the shade, eating a popsicle, listening to Ben Rector, and watching students play softball in the yard next to me. It’s a chill Friday afternoon after a busy week in the DTS!

This morning’s lecture wrapped up the week on Discipleship with Aaron Larson. It’s been a super cool week talking about what it actually means to follow Jesus and be a disciple. Aaron is great at not just letting the students give the churchy “Christian-ese” answers but digging deep and asking how they would practically apply their answers in their everyday life. 

It’s been a fun couple months with this school! I’m helping lead the North India team while they’re here for their lecture phase. Getting to walk with them as they wrestle with the lectures and ask questions has been such a rewarding opportunity. Each week I get to have three to four one on ones over lunch with the girls on my team. It’s so easy to see people everyday but not actually get to know them so it’s a great time to check in with the girls, see how they’re actually doing, and process what God is doing in their lives with them. 

I, along with another staff, facilitate evangelism every week. Tuesday nights the DTS goes out to five different locations in Honolulu to talk to the locals and tourists and spread the love of Jesus. It’s amazing hearing them come back every night and share their stories of how they stepped outside of their comfort zones and saw God work! 

Being in leadership and staffing is definitely a new experience for me and I’ve learned and grown SO much. It’s been challenging and stretching at times but I can honestly say that this is the coolest job in the world. My entire focus is to pour into the students’ lives and point them towards Jesus! I’ve seen so many students’ lives completely changed already – there’s been perspective change and it’s beautiful to see first hand! 

I’m honestly loving life! Thank you so much for following this journey that I’m on! You have no idea how much the prayers and encouragement mean to me!