Wow! Tonight. I’ve never felt so pumped up.

Tuesday nights, our school goes out into Honolulu to do evangelism. We’re basically just hanging out with people, hearing their stories, and sharing a love with them that’s changed our lives.

Alex and I were walking through China Town tonight, both tired and wet from the rain. It would’ve been an easy night to just stay at home and relax. But God has plans 🙂

We walked through a park and talked to one guy for a few minutes. He told us about his family and kids – he seemed super encouraged when we prayed with him.

We continued through the park to a row of “tents”. There was this family sitting at one end under a big umbrella. We went over and started talking to them about life and Hawaii. One gentleman, a veteran, told us about his time serving America and how he is now homeless on the streets of Honolulu. They also explained to us how so many people are getting sick from sleeping on the ground and getting staff infections. This is a huge issue as Honolulu has one of the biggest homeless populations in America.

After talking to the family for over 45mins, we asked if there was anything they wanted prayer for. The older man, Tim, said he had many cuts and staff infections throughout his body. We prayed for healing for his body and then continued talking. A few minutes later I realized that we didn’t ask if anything had changed. I asked and he said that before, he had a pinched nerve near his knee that was super tender and made his leg jolt whenever he touched it. He said that as Alex was praying, he could feel the nerve relax! He started shaking his foot saying “I haven’t been able to move it like this in forever!”! Wow! God is good!

It was such an amazing opportunity to tell Tim how much Jesus loves him and that he wants a personal relationship with him. As Alex and I walked away, we couldn’t stop smiling! We serve such a incredible God that loves and cares for us so much.

This trip has consistently left me in awe of the greatness of our God! Can’t wait to see what happens in the next few months!