Hey guys!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you all about my time here at YWAM. So much happens each week it’s hard to narrow it down into a blog post!

The last few weeks we’ve had lectures on the Holy Spirit, Worship, Biblical Worldview, and Discipleship. I’ve learned so much about both myself and God. Everyone here comes from a different background and perspective and all the speakers come with their different views. It’s been a fantastic opportunity to figure what I actually believe for myself and why I believe it.

Every minute as a YWAMer is such an adventure! A few weeks ago, our school went on a camping trip to the North Shore for a weekend. I had a great time just hanging out with my YFAM, jamming on the beach, and playing games.

We’ve had some great, fun, family nights in the last month. We planned a Tacky Prom where everyone dressed up in crazy outfits and the dance offs were fabulous! Then we had Ohana Night (family night). We were split into 4 teams and spent the night competing in challenges. Of course my team, The Dark Night, left victoriously 🙂 Last weekend, we had Talent Night. By far the most hilarious time yet! I did Of Monsters & Men’s song “Little Talks” as a duet with one of the guys – so much fun!

There is a great sense of family within all the students here! Living in such a tight community can be hard at times but these people make it so easy! On Saturday the Philippines team went out for the entire day adventuring beaches, food trucks, and the Hawaiian life. Our team is already so close and unified – it was fantastic to spend the day with them just hanging out before we get thrown into the craziness of Outreach!

I only have two weeks left here and then I’ll be heading off to the Philippines for 10 weeks! We will be going to three locations in the Philippines. While there, we will be working with a number of non-profit organizations. For at least one week, we will be teaching in a Discipleship Training School like the one I am currently in. This will include teaching multiple lectures, leading youth, and organizing activities, games and sports. I’m looking forward to learning more about the Filipino culture first hand, and getting the chance to experience their way of life. We will also be spending a number of weeks at “The House”. The House is an organization that seeks to give hope to girls aged seven to eighteen who have been in human trafficking or sexually abused. We will be spending time with these girls and helping them see their full potential in the world and their value in Jesus.

I want to say thank you to every single person who supported me coming on this trip. I honestly can’t say enough how much this experience has already changed my life. Love and miss you all so much!