Hey guys!

We’re still here at the House and having a great time!

Last night we had Girls Night (the dudes were away for the night) and I know it will be one of my favourite memories of outreach! We pampered the girls by washing their feet and hands, painting their nails, writing encouraging notes to them, having special snacks, and watching Soul Surfer! They LOVED it!

I was at the foot washing station. As each girl would come up, I would tell them why we were washing their feet and about Jesus washing His disciple’s feet in the bible. A few of them started crying and said that it was the best night of their lives. I’ve never enjoyed washing someone’s feet so much! It was such a blessing to us to be able to give these girl a night they’ll never forget.

Sometimes it feels like we aren’t doing much “ministry” in this location as we are constantly at this house. However, God has been teaching me that loving people and showing them the character of Jesus IS ministry. Looking into a little girl’s tear stained eyes and telling her that she has value is ministry. It’s been incredible to be a part of this and I feel so honoured that God chosen me to be a part of this team.

On Tuesday we head to our next location in Butuan City. We’re not quite sure what we’ll all be doing there yet but we know we’ll be working with some of the slum kids. I know God has great plans for our time there and I’m so excited to see what we get up to!

Today was our day off so we went out to a mall and explored the Filipino markets! I headed off with a few of the guys and we found this little spa spot and I got a $5 pedi! The streets are lined with shops selling their imitation Nikes and RayBans. It was so fun watching everyone barter for their goods 🙂

I got to FaceTime my friends on the Cambodia team today which was SO wonderful! The team has had quite a bit of sickness so please be praying that they would stay healthy for the rest of their outreach!

I’m not sure what the wifi situation will be at our next location but I’ll update when possible! Also, all my pictures are on FaceBook as the wifi is too slow to upload photos here.

Thank you!