Wow! A month! That’s crazy! It feels like just yesterday I was boarding my plane to come here yet it feels like I’ve known everyone here my entire life.

Over the last month I’ve sat in over 20 lectures and my mind has been blown just as many times. It’s amazing how you can grow up in the church your whole life and still have revelations about the simplest things! All the speakers that have come in have been fantastic! Super engaging, relatable and easy to learn from. They’ve taught in a way that makes faith, God, and life, fit together and make so much sense.

This past week has been on the character and nature of God. The characteristics of God is something any church kid can easily rattle off – God is love, God is just, God is perfect, God is holy. But what does “God is love” actually mean? What does it mean for God to be just? As we’ve been working through these things over the last week I’ve had so many “duh, that’s so obvious, why didn’t I think of that before” moments. I’m loving learning more about my faith.

I have so much fun here with everyone! Everyday is an adventure 🙂 Tomorrow morning we’re getting up at 4am to hike up Koko head to watch the sunrise over Honolulu! Super excited 🙂

I honestly don’t know what to write because I could write a book from every day! Words can not describe how incredible every single moment is here! Love it so much!