Healing. It’s kind of a weird topic. So many different perspectives, beliefs, and thoughts on it.

During the lecture phase of the school I’m in, we had a speaker come and talk to us about healing from a biblical perspective. I had never really experienced healing before but I know Jesus did it and other Christians see it happen – Jesus actually calls us to do it as Christians. So why is it such a rare occurrence in my and many other people’s church experience? I don’t know the answer to that but I do know that healing does still happen and God uses the most unlikely people.

I’m now in the Philippines on outreach. Last week we visited a nearby community to do house visits. We went out from a church and visited families, praying for and blessing them. My group walked up to one home to find an elderly lady, Francisca, sitting on the front porch.
She explained through the translator that she was paralyzed from the waist down and couldn’t walk. Francisca said over and over again that she just wanted to be able to walk so that she could get to church on her own. We prayed over her that she would be able to walk. Nothing changed so we thought “hey! let’s pray again”. Suddenly tears started flowing from her eyes as she stood up, sat down, stood up, sat down, over and over again. She said that she hadn’t be able to do that before we prayed. Then she stood up and walked a few steps to take a picture with us. Francisca, a lady who 5 minutes earlier couldn’t stand up, was now walking. We just witnessed God doing the impossible. He took her impossible hope of walking to church and made it possible. That’s what happens when you believe in a God that works outside of the box, outside of “possible”.

Over the last few months I’ve seen numerous healings and each time I’m blown away at the undeniable power and love of my God. I don’t understand how it all works, I don’t understand why God heals some people and not others. But I do understand that God is good and He works miracles for His purposes and glory. And that’s enough for me 🙂