The past week has been filled with SO many amazing activities, lectures, adventures, and stories. I couldn’t possibly write about them all but here are some of the highlights 🙂

The lectures started yesterday and have been super engaging and interactive – I love it! On Mondays, we have a lecture in both the morning and the evening. Yesterday, we had a lecture on how to share your faith with others and then practiced it! It’s interesting hearing everyone explain their faith in their own way.

Yesterday we also started our Work Duties. My work duty is to clean the Shekinah (girl’s house). Everyone has a job to do on Monday and Wednesday to help take care of the property and houses.

This afternoon, after our morning lecture, we learned the Pate Pate, a super fun dance we’ll be doing while on outreach. I’ll try to get video  – it’s quite fantastic 😀 We also went to the local pool for a while. Swimming with great friends, surrounded by beautiful mountains isn’t a bad way to spend you free time!

Tonight was evangelism night. My group will be going to China Town every Tuesday night. We started by walking around the streets praying for the community. Then we split into groups of 3-4 and spread out to talk to people! My group just made it down 1 street in the hour we were out. We got into some great conversations with the homeless people – it’s so cool to hear their stories about life, I wish we could’ve stayed and talked with them longer! It’s definitely different for me to walk up to people and start talking to them about Jesus, but it’s incredible how open most people are.

I’ve been here for a week now which seems absolutely absurd 🙂 My YFAM is so amazing and we all feel like we’ve known each other forever! I’m super excited to spend the next few months with them all and get to know them even better!