// Written on April 14, 2017 //

Hey friends! I’m writing this sitting on my bed in a guesthouse in the middle of the Himalayan Mountains! It’s week two of this outreach and God is definitely moving!

I’ve had this dream. A dream to travel across the world, to hike to unreached villages and to bring them the gospel, the truth of life in Jesus. These past two weeks I’ve been living that dream and let me tell you, it’s been unreal!

We hopped on a bus and after sixteen hours of winding cliff roads and honking bus horns, we arrived at a small local airport. Next thing we know, we’re boarding a little twenty seater airplane to fly up into the Himalayas. I’m the last person to hop on the plane so I’m sitting at the back and if you know me you know I’m stoked and having the time of my life. This is so cool! Then, the plane turns around and the stewardess tells me it’s bad weather and we have to turn around. 30mins later we land back at the airport and as soon as I get off the plane I can see the faces of my team and I know it wasn’t quite the same experience for all of them as it was for me. I’m now in full leader mode thinking “ok everyone is sick, they’re tired and hungry, I need to get my team to bed”. Thanks to our amazing translators, we found a hotel and everyone passed out for the night.

The next morning, we flew off again into clear, beautiful, Himalayan skies! Amidst some fear and trepidation amongst the team, we all landed on the mountain runway with zero complaints, amazing attitudes, and thankful hearts! I’m seriously so proud of them all for the way they handled themselves throughout the whole situation!

We were finally at our first home! Due to some sickness in the team we postponed our trekking one day which ended up being super beneficial. Finally, we started our trek to a nearby village. When I say nearby, I mean a five hour hike up tall mountains that ended up taking us eight hours 🙂 As hard as the hike was, backpacks full and loaded with bibles, it was an incredible experience I would never trade. We made it to the village and the next day began distribution. We would go from house to house, explaining the gospel and giving the families bibles and SD cards for their phones with the audio bible, worship music, and the Jesus Film. At night we got to show the Jesus Film to the entire village – over 150 people were crowded on a rooftop around a little white blanket screen to hear about Jesus! A surreal moment! My coleader Cole pointed out that 2000 years ago hundreds of people would gather around to hear about Jesus and now in 2017 they were doing the same.

We came back to the guesthouse for a day and then headed out to another village! We got to distribute for two days here and give more than 150 families bibles and SD cards. Our team saw 4 deaf people hear, a broken arm healed, stomach and head pain disappear – our God is so good! It was amazing to see the looks in their eyes when they heard the truth of Jesus for the first time!

A while back, God gave Loren Cunningham, the founder of YWAM, a vision to put a bible in every home in the world. It’s called the End Bible Poverty movement and it was a great privilege to be a part of. The people we’re working with here have a plan to distribute bibles in the unreached villages of this district and then continue going back for follow up and discipleship. We got to be part of the front lines, the first wave, and now more teams will get to go back and see the fruit and effectiveness of the gospel being offered to these villagers!

We’re now back at the guesthouse for a few days to work with the local YWAM base and then we’ll head back to the city to continue ministry.

My team and I would appreciate your prayers for good health. Pretty much everyone has been sick once already and we’re only two weeks in so good health for the rest of our time here would be amazing!!
Also be praying that the people that we interact with would have open hearts for Jesus and the work he can do in their lives!

Co-leading this team has been such an incredible experience for me! I can often get stressed out when I’m not sure how things are going to work out but amidst a number of potentially high-stress situations and challenging decisions, I’ve had an incredible peace that I know is only from God. It’s been amazing to see how when you do what he calls you to do, he gives you the peace and strength you need to do it!