The students are all here! 39 to be exact!

It’s been a cool transition, moving from student to staff. We spent two weeks in staff training, and now we are in full DTS mode! This week we have Maria Daughtry here speaking on Hearing God’s Voice. It feels different sitting in class as a staff and not a student 🙂 I see things from a different perspective now as I watch the students experience everything for the first time.

On Friday all of the DTS staff and students shared their testimonies. It was encouraging to watch as each student got up and talked about the work God has done in their life. There are a lot of hurting people in this school, people longing to know their value and worth, longing to know that they have a purpose. I was sitting at the back of the room, my heart overwhelmed with love for these students. In my DTS, my leaders Emiley and Aubrey always said “we just love you all so much”. At first I thought “yea right, you met me a week ago”. No, I TOTALLY get it now. I feel like I have a mom heart after knowing them for just a week. It’s exciting to know that in six months, each of their testimonies will be radically different than Friday night. It’s exciting to know that in the next six months their relationships with Jesus are going to be beautifully transformed into something deep, authentic, and real.

The conversations I’ve had in just this last week have shown me why I’m here. I’m here to walk along side these students as their wrestle with their faith and grow in their relationship with God. I’m here to encourage them as they pursue their Father that deeply loves them and will never leave them.

A couple prayer requests!

  • REST. It’s so easy to get caught up in all that’s going on and become over exhausted. I’m trying to teach myself to take time to just be, to rest.
  • STUDENTS. Everyone is coming here with their different backgrounds and different baggage. Pray that over the coming weeks, the students would truly understand who God has created them to be. Pray that there would be peace and joy in the school and that they would pursue God in everything.

Thank you for partnering with me in this. I’m learning that I seriously do have the coolest job in the world!