This is Sean. He’s originally from the Big Island of Hawaii but for the last year has been living here on Oahu! I have the pleasure of getting to help lead Sean’s team before they head off on Outreach in December. He’s also a part of the crew I get to take to community outreach to River of Life Mission (a non-profit for low income families) on Wednesday mornings. Sean’s story is one that inspires me to seek Jesus more and I hope it does the same for you!

What were you up to before your DTS?

I had just found the Lord at the beginning of the year. I moved to this island in January so I was living 5mins away from base but didn’t know base was here. I was renting an apartment here in Manoa. I moved here for music but was kinda phasing out of that more and more since I moved here. I was at an interesting crossroad in my life since I had been doing music my whole life but got here and realized I wanted to phase out of it for a while. So I was working a full time office job and it was the first 9-5 job I’d ever had in my life. I was working for a network marketing business outside of my full time job and I was pouring all my time into working, trying to make enough money to live here since it’s expensive.

When did you first come to know Jesus?

Beginning of this year. I don’t have an exact time. It was after I moved here..January, February. Basically when I moved here, I moved here for music cause it was something I’d wanted to do for a long time and it’s where the music is but mostly cause I was running away from stuff at home. I had just finished planning/financing/performing a tour all by myself. It went well but I lost a lot of money and was super drained from taking it on all on my own and the pressure of it working or not working. In the middle of that I was in a long distance relationship with a girl I met through music. In the middle of this tour I started abusing alcohol after every gig, drinking every night. In the middle of everything going on, mentally I was in a bad place, with depression and abusing alcohol. So basically it was just the most unhealthy time in my life. Went home, and decided I was gonna move to Oahu, and that’s the state I was in when I got here – a mess. Through the network marketing company, made some friends and they were a solid Christian couple. I loved the way they lived their life. They had an awesome marriage, amazing kids, and so much joy every single time I saw them which was just weird for me. They invited me out to Word of Life and so I started going there and it was the first church I was ever in where the truth just hit me, I don’t how else to describe it. I had heard lots of sermons before but I was never a Christian. It was mostly through music that I’d end up doing stuff at churches. In that church the truth really hit me so I just remember being really excited for the next Sunday and kept going and looking forward to it. Then somewhere through a month process I remember realizing one day, “I read my bible all the time, I pray all the time, and love going to church, and I love Jesus, dang I must be a Christian”.

What made you decide to do a DTS?

It was pretty much at a worship night on Thursdays in the Summer. I showed up here, cause I heard about it from Miah (someone from YWAM). As soon as I got here there was this tangible presence of God on the base, in the Tin. I just felt right. I don’t know how else to describe it. So I went home that night and researched DTS, read the mission statement, and started filling out the application!

In what ways has being here stretched you or challenged you? What have you learned?

Overall. It’s impossible not to grow here cause of the atmosphere and everything here being about Jesus. Just trying to become more christ like – I see it in everyone that’s here. It’s inevitable even if you fight it 🙂

How has your relationship with Jesus changed since being here?

I think the biggest difference is I just recognize Him a lot more. I was always praying and reading the word a lot, and I still do that the same amount but I just hear God’s voice a lot more. It’s like a muscle that you strengthen, once you realize how He talks to you, you can hear it more and more.

Where are you going on Outreach and what are you looking forward to the most?

North India. I have no idea what to expect. I don’t know! It’s a total faith thing. I know God is sending us there and it’s going to be amazing. I’m going to pour out everything I have to whatever we’re presented with and I know God’s going to show up in amazing ways! I’d love to see more people healed!

Anything else you’d like to add?

I would encourage everyone and anyone to do a DTS. I can’t think of a better environment to work on your relationship with Jesus. And also I would really like to see all Christians instead of trying to act like the Word or do the Word but BE the Word. like Jesus just WAS the Word. That’s what He worked out of. So that’s my personal goal I guess you could say.

Sean’s faith is one of real authenticity and it’s been amazing to see him step out and grow with Jesus. Keep him and the North India team in your prayers as they go out and serve Jesus!

Shirt creds to Micha