It’s grad season. Fall is coming. That age old dreaded question of “what’s next?” looms overhead.

Well, I’m here to announce what’s next in the life of Lindsay!

As I wrote about in my last post, A YWAM Journey, my DTS impacted me in some pretty major ways. One of those ways was realizing that I needed a bit of a focus adjustment. Most of you know that my plan was to attend university in the Fall for business. I was focused on building up my business, getting involved in the entrepreneurship world, and receiving a degree. But then God essentially said “Stop focusing so much on business…I have other plans”. Okay so now what? Well, God is faithful and He doesn’t just leave us hanging forever 🙂

During my DTS I started considering staffing. To be completely honest, I had no desire to staff. I told God I didn’t want to. But I knew God knew best so I said “give me a passion, a heart, for this if it’s what you want me to do”. Towards the end of my outreach I realized what staffing would mean. It would mean an opportunity to enable other students, like me, to have their lives radically changed by a real, relational, God. It would mean discipling and helping them grow in their walk with Jesus. It would mean training up people that would then go out and share the love of Jesus with the world. That is my heart. That is what I’m passionate about.

So next I said something pretty cliche to God. I said “Okay give me a clear, obvious sign if it’s something you want me to do”. The next day my DTS directors came up to me and asked to meet with me. I met with them and they asked me to come back on staff with the school. Affirmation? 🙂

It’s been a three month prayer journey and I’m confident it’s the next step God has for me. So the details.

What I would be doing.
I would be on staff with the Discipleship Training School so essentially in the position that my leaders I just had were just in. I would be involved with weekly discipleship of the students, organizing small groups and team times, planning outreaches, and leading outreaches!

Now here’s where you come in! 🙂

Because YWAM is a missions organization, all staff are missionaries and are required to raise their own support while at base. I need to raise $850/month for the next two years as it’s a two year commitment. This includes all of my flights, housing, meals, and living expenses.

Ideally I would be in Hawaii for the start of the September school. Financially this seems impossible but I’m trusting that God will get me there when I need to be there. Please prayerfully consider partnering with me in this journey God is taking me on!

For those interested in supporting me in this, please visit my Donate page.