Hey! I’m Lindsay!

I’m a 19 year old, life loving kid with a heart for people, adventure, and my personal favourite, Jesus.

Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, I’m currently living in Honolulu, Hawaii on staff with YWAM Honolulu. What’s YWAM you ask? Well let me tell you! YWAM (or Youth With A Mission) is a non-profit, Christian, missions organization. We’re a group of people with two goals, to know God and to make Him known. Through the Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) we run, young adults come from all over the globe to be discipled and grow in their relationship with Jesus. The school consists of ten weeks of lecture in Hawaii and then ten weeks of missions in South East Asia. I have the wonderful privilege of staffing the DTS! I get to see first hand God working in the students’ lives and the radical transformation that occurs. I also have fun working with the marketing team and developing a new online presence.

Living in Hawaii and working with YWAM enables me to experience some of my favourite things! My love for exploring nature and hiking is thriving in this island surround by the immense beauty of mountains and sand. Diversity of culture is something that fascinates me and as I get to travel the world, I’m given the opportunity of embracing cultures of great richness and beauty. There is so much of this world to discover! This blog is where I get to hopefully share some of my passions, my experiences, and the people I meet along the way!

See you soon,